Mint a SolPunk

0 / 10000 SolPunks remaining

Warning : the manual minting is not available anymore.

All Solpunks are minted

1 Solpunk = 3 SOL which equals to 3000000000 Lamports

Warning ! If you want to mint several Solpunks you will have to repeat the operation as many times as necessary. Please send only one payment at a time.

Once your payment is validated. The SolPunks minting is automated. You will receive a token in your wallet within 5 minutes. Paste the Token Address in the "My SolPunks" section to view your unique SolPunks.

For any questions contact our team on Discord with your transaction number.
SolPunks is in no way affiliated with Larva Labs and/or CryptoPunks